Day 1

June 9th 23:36

The day is coming to a close and I needed every minute of the 2 hours gained to manage squeezing things in. Chaotic morning to get to airport. Flight was slightly delayed but bags and bike made it on the flight with me so one disaster averted.

If the customs guy at Zurich airport is a fan of the blog then I hope your enjoying my power banks for the phone that you took. An unwanted to-do now has been added to tomorrow mornings list since once I leave Reykjavik will have little hope of finding a replacement.

The bike build was more challenging than expected and am glad have the servicing booked tomorrow morning since few little noises want to get checked out 🙂

Took quick walk to shore to take a look at the view…. was well worth the walk.


Had a GREAT dinner at The Old Iceland restaurant so if your around I recommend the cod!


Time to close the curtains since is 3:30 sunrise and that is a couple hours earlier than my early start. Tomorrow the biking begins (I hope).

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