Day 2

June 10th 22:13

The day is finally over or atleast now am cocooned in my tent.


Has been a day of twists and turns but will go though it in better detail when sit down to write The Journey section when the trip is over. One thing I can tell you that the person who came up with the term “soft-shoulder” for the side of the road never decided to roll off it and tumble into a ravine or he would have a rethink!! Ooopppss sorry about letting that one slip mom 🙂

Started the day having the  bike serviced and happy I did since is working even smoother but my light high end bike has changed identity. I have never road it 30 meters set up like this let alone 125km.


Had delayed start to get the power bank sorted which landed me at the camp ground little after 21:00 meaning restaurant closed but squeezed in bottles of water and sandwich before they kicked me out of little shop. it also meant that got the beegeez kicked out of me by 32km/hr wind for the last 6 hours of the day… let’s just say the pace was less impressive. And when they blow you from side uffff (read above)

The winds don’t seem better tomorrow so will see how manage since I would not have covered more ground today.

Incredible landscapes that make it hard not to get off the bike all day but I did manage lunch


And yes…. sight of the day and goal 1 accomplished




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