Day 3

June 11th – 22:55


Woke up early and checked if legs where still there. To say felt 100% would be a lie but better than expected. Biggest pain being in the back (atleast to start the day). Packed down the gear and mounted up.


After analyzing wind direction had to decide which route to take which would determine when had to go straight at it. Not sure there was a right choice but what mine did was put me on 20-30km of unsealed road filled with moon sized craters. The only thing more tanned than my back end right now is my glow in the dark head than despite freezing most of day took way too much ☀️. Have now invested in 50 block for tomorrow.

Despite the bumps the road did provide some great views


Much like yesterday the pace (did a 50km in 2:15:14) of the morning ended abruptly and the  wind found me. Driving on route 1 with this wind is at times unnerving since space is limited and trafic is high. With any stronger wind alternate ideas might need to come into play.  Despite the sufferage I did manage a pic or two during the last 100k that almost made it worth it.


12 hours later it ended… the camp ground is at the very edge of the town and not 1 part of me had any notion of going in to take a look. Have to go through to catch the ferry in morning and that will be more than good enough.

As I wheeled into the campsite at a crawl and lied my bike to the ground a guy past by and said “Lotta respect kiddo biking in weather like this”. Even the mini ego boost doesn’t cure the numb legs…

I tried this to see if it would help…. it didn’t…


But sight of the day realized (at a distance)… and another 160km in the bank.



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