Day 4

June 12th 23:08

HARDEST 75k of my life.

Woke up 6:45 to have my daily bowl of Kellogg’s granola dried fruit stuff (to lazy to look in bag and see what it is really called). Packed head down since had to catch the 9:00 Baldur ferry. Given I don’t remember last time I ever put up a tent am relatively pleased how efficient this part of the process has become.

Biked to the ferry and was greated with smiles by a helpful and friendly crew. Is possible there smiles was them laughing at me for what lies ahead. If that is the case I revoke the statement friendly and call them all jerks 🙂


The ferry ride was going to put me in Brjanslaeku (starting point) little after noon so started to formulate a B scenario since there was about 125km of road to cover and unlikely with a after lunch start. I convinced myself was anyway nice to have a comfortable ride and arrive with little more time left in the day. Also would mean that the following day would get also more time to see the village. DID I EVER FOOL MYSELF!

I enjoyed the boat ride still pleased with my new plan and enjoyed the views.


What I learned today was that fjords are OK when you have a road that runs along the coast (other than the fact that you make the massively long rides to get directly across to the other side of the water) but they are NOT OK when you have to ride over them!!! As supported by the fact you can roll in a snowbank next to you even before you reach the top. To give a little perspective…


Notice the direction of the arrow !!!!


Now again just in case you did not understand. Coast = Good / Inland = BAD


So as you can see one fjord was not enough for dumb boy decided (unknowingly) to do two. But with all that grovelling I have 0 regrets since when else would I get a 3 star Michelin view while eating a 2 dollar can of tuna.



It was incredible how many times in a day could go from boiling hot to frozen cold. More incredible was how many 1000 pictures I could have took that I didn’t given endless need to stop.

Ah I did not mention that paved roads don’t exist here so another blissful day for the backend 🙂 one of the nicest moments of the day was when I was passed by a car and the girl rolled down the window and said “only respect, only respect” with her thumb up. It might of helped me up a hill or two after so thanks.

So after 9 hours and 75km in bank I arrived in Pingeyri. Which is said to be the nicest of the fjords in the north. The fact that it had a coffee shop open already gives it my vote!!


And they make waffles!!!!! So tomorrow’s breakfast menu has been enhanced. Then time to take on fjord #3!!!


(Thanks to those who write, have not figured out the linking part but will manage to at some point)


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