Day 5

June 13th 21:36


We will get to that part soon enough but some bridges and fjords to cross first 🙂

Woke up at my leisure since the coffee shop with my waffle breakfast did not open until 10:00. Was the first day of trip did not have to start the morning in frenzy to get going and was much appreciated.

My body was worn down from day before more than the previous days and my arms actually hurt much more than my legs. The constant breaking coming down the mountain in the dirt and gravel really seems to take its toll on the upper body. I guess now legs, arms and buttocks are in equal standing🙂

I had planned to take a picture of the waffle but it did not last long enough to stay in focus. It was funny little coffee shop but after a big waffle and coffee while sunken into an old sofa listening to the soft music the body was nearing total shut down I needed to escape or day was over before it started.

I headed near the shore front and plugged in my Green Day music to get the energy level going …

” Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta’ know the enemy….”


So now that had picked my fight with Mother Nature was time to get riding. As I mentioned yesterday even the good fjord is bad since it makes you do big a** loop to get to directly the other side.


In this case you see that little village across the water… +20 km


But it was another 20km well spent since there was the odd view or two worth seeing.


The other positive is every km down in the valley is one less then in the mountain so it just left 30 km of mountains to meddle with on today’s route.

Today’s climb was marked at 10 degrees which doesn’t seem like much but was more than enough to get the legs burning again and it stretched for 5-6 km. BUT WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN 😃 And today on a paved road!!!!!

3 km in 4m:5sec with max speed of 48.3 km. With 25kg of bags strapped on sudden breaking was never going to happen so just enjoy the ride and hope that extra screw was not important when you put your bike together 🙂

And to think that was only the second most adrenaline pumped leg of today’s stage. And the winner is….


After climbing the next fjord about 2/3rds of the way up I found a dark evil hole leading into the abyss. Notice the little sign on the right that says

“To enhance your experience we will remove one lane so you get traffic moving at you in both directions”

I think the engineer responsible for this had his head stuck in the ice for a little too long. Anyway 0 options other than to play frogger so I let 2 huge buses pass me and in I went. I tried to develope a strategy of having the head on car pass me while I stopped and bonded with the volcanic wall of the cave/tunnel figuring I had 30 seconds to a minute to only worry about traffic coming at me. I played this game for about the next 30 min since unlike frogger you get no extra lives🙂

Later in day while pitching my tent a couple approached me asking if I was the one in the tunnel and asked how I found it… my answer… uncomfortable.

The good news this was the last obstacle of the day. I road into town with another wow view


Headed to the camp ground in great time to put up my tent saw something I had not seen in last 4 days…. A SHOWER! The only person more thankful than me was the people sitting with me at the fish restaurant where I had an amazing meal… massive buffet of countless fish dishes all from the catch of the day. Again I wanted to take pic of food but it also did not stay in focus 🙂


Tomorrow is a day that I have reservations about since is 130km run south in the fjords. I was considering a bus since I could potentially lose a couple of days of the schedule given the terrain here. Also tomorrow’s stop is not on top of the things wanted to see but on the other hand the views are amazing. Will fall asleep thinking about it….




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