Day 6

June 14th 23.20


I woke up convinced that I needed to bike this leg of the trip since it was not about where I would be setting up camp but rather the road I would take to get there, 130km of the coastline.

IMG_6128I felt strong crawling out of my tent which is not the normal feeling these days, maybe was the ocean of fish I ate last night. I set up breakfast, outdoing the waffle breakfast with raekjusalat!!!!!!


Quick stop at the gas station for sunscreen and espresso and full speed ahead. Maybe is more accurate to say “ahead” only 🙂 nonetheless I still got a big thumbs up from a motorcyclist as I was peddling out of town.

I actually was moving along at a good pace averaging under 3min/km in the morning session. After about 40km I pulled in for a foto opportunity and Godis (not sure which I appreciated more🙂)



Back on the bike heading up the next incline I saw for the first time on the trip another biker. I was no longer alone! I had to share the island with another. Things were getting cramped. I decided a statement needed to be made so I quickly made up the ground and past him on the incline offering a friendly hello. The gauntlet was now laid and I could get on with more useful things… finding a good spot for lunch.

I think I managed too…


After packing up the tuna cans and filling the water bottles up with waterfall water I began to mount up when my newly found nemesis had caught up and pulled in.

But who can be upset at a Belgian cyclist who inflates your ego telling you that you ride well and at a much better pace than himself …. a new best friend!!! 🙂 We chatted for a little bit but I needed to get on since half the road was still ahead.

I peddled on until 50km left … Checking the map again I again confirmed nobody really cares about the shortest distance between two points!!!


Here is where Mother Nature decided to mess with me again. I expected the first section to be tough since the wind was in my face but once done I had figured I would enjoy a wind boosted 35km to the finish. How wrong I was !! I do not know how it is possible wind can flip directions but there was nothing “aided” in the last km”s…. well over 2 hrs of pushing to cross the finish line. An extremely satisfying day nonetheless since was filled with constant phenomenal views…


But it left its mark as well 🙂


The good of what little remained of the day was a great meal of the local trout followed by Brännvin for medicinal purposes:)



The bad of what’s left is NO NETWORK!!! So as I lie here with my tent rattling in the wind I will have to wait until morning and restaurant wi-fi to load it. Now is time to put this broken body to bed.


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