Day 7

June 15th – 23:28

After listening to the wind howl all night and waking up to grey skies, sore knees and general body numbness I was convinced… bus time!

It seemed strategic since the path was a planned 110km cutting over fjords that I have already checked off in the life time to-do list. I went in for breakfast with a great spread laid out…. maybe a relaxing day was well deserved.


I mentioned the word “bus” to the elderly Icelandic woman that ran the place and started in on the food. Soon she returned with the bus details… Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s she said. Completely unaware of the days of the week I opened the phone …. THURSDAY!!!! I will let you guess the adjectives that ran through my head. Waiting a day for the bus meant losing 2 days (not an option) but the problemsstill remained… numb… evil conditions… FJORD!

It was time to talk strategy with the woman so I asked…

“Is there a midpoint or town between us and  Holmavik? ” she replied in calm and straight tone…. NO

“is there a store between the two points?”….NO

After mentioning to her my concerns about the mountain she put it down straight and unmistakable ….. “if you want out of here you have to go over the mountain”

My enthusiasm was shared by my newest friend.


I began looking at the route noticing that google maps refused to let me choose a road (633) that would seem to cut 20-25km from the ride.


I approached the lady one more time asking her about the road. She said “yes with bike you might pass but it is very bumpy and you may have to walk” Lesson learned, when an Icelandic person calls something a bumpy road, it should not even be called a road! Still saving 20km in the strongest winds and coldest weather was to be chanced. So I packed up and off I went.

I could not believe the so called road. At best of times was like biking in a rock quarry. 10% slopes and this…


It was brutal… going up or down all the same… approx 2.5 hrs to cover 12km. When I finally got back to the normal road I almost got off the bike and kissed it. Turning over my shoulder I saw this sign for the road.


Needless to say I was not passed by any traffic.

I pushed on for another 20 or so km until I got to the base of the mountain which had another nice sign 12%. I tried to find some inner motivational speech and the best I could come up with was Rocky (you know you’re in trouble when this is best you come up with)

“But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward.”

Well backwards over those big ass rocks was not happening so forward it was… up up up… brrr … brrrr… brrrr.. I reached cloud level and still more to climb


I past a 5m thick glacier that had the cross section exposed… then came a frozen lake… it was far to cold to stop for food or pictures (GoPro should have some fun footage) since the wind was vicious if body not moving… a flat tire would for sure not be s good moment… then the decent!


ZOOM !!! 63.3km/hr … fastest km 1min 9 secs. Body freeze dried…

I finished the last 20km and finally arrived to tonight’s home


Grabbed some food for breakfast and midnight snack…


And will fall asleep understanding what tomorrow will bring.



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