Day 10

June 18th – 22:30

As I went to bed last night need wind picked up and the temperature dropped so I dived deep into the sleeping bag, zipped it over my head and fell asleep listening to the waterfall.

At some point later I woke up feeling very hot. My eyes opened and the light inside the tent was worthy of sunglasses… wondering if I had slept in I reached for the phone … 3:45!!! Now half covered I closed my eyes again only to be frozen 15 minutes later! Back in the bag I went…. I still cannot believe how huge and immediate the impact of the sun has here on the temperature.

I woke up and took advantage of the shower before heading to breakfast. In comparison to the other meals it is actually economic since I paid 15 Euro for Scandinavian styled buffet breakfast (hamburger menu at gas station costs EUR 25).


I was really sitting enjoying me breakfast when I looked up and saw a North American woman with slightly different breakfast tastes…. REALLY!?!?!?


I went to pack up and say goodbye to the my latest campground, another nice place that had everything I needed.


As I was getting back onto my bike the sun snuck out for few seconds so I decided to go back to the waterfall and take a few more pics, this time from the other side. I am glad I did since was even more impressive.


Was time to get going. Today was not a long ride and I was hoping to get my tent up before the rains hit. Also most of my days biking has finished after 22:00 so today was hoping to have a more free afternoon to relax.

The ride started with a 4km steep uphill. The wind for a change was not against me and I puffed my way up. Averaging about 6:30 a km so half speed. I hoped there where not to many of these or my relaxing afternoon would be cancelled.

For whatever reason I started humming the “don’t go chasing waterfalls song” I had to put an end to that so I stuck one headphone in a drowned it out with Green Day:)

The ride was going well when once again I found myself staring up at another hill. Most of the time I have been pushing up the hills butt on bike not attacking the hill but surviving it. I was not sure what got in me but I decided to give this one a go…. I was in about 7th gear (my bike has 11) and up out of the seat I went… the legs responded well and the bike began accelerating…. dropped it to 8th and pushed little harder.. 9th…. 10th… I could not believe the rate I was coming up the hill…. the BAM… 11th gear accelerating over the crest of the mountain…. I almost got off and did a little dance of joy but was gasping for breath bent over the handle bars 🙂 I may not try it again but as the motorcycle guy said ” you carry two pistons with you”

I pulled into Myvatn around 15:00. It is a volcanic lake that up until few decades ago was quite active. It is a massive lake and also a protected nature reserve.




Unfortunately I did not realize that Krafta (a famous crater) is not right here so will head there in the morning before heading off.

I put up my tent in bug infested skies. I had not noticed 1 mosquito since I have been here but this made up for it and more… black flies filling the air… I was scared to open the tent and spend all night being under attack. I decided to squeeze things in and come back later to fix the insides.


There is store here so filled up on few provisions then headed to have a medicinal beverage and food. It was a really nice spot…


First came the beer… a local blond 🙃


Then I ordered a lamb burger which was not available so the waitress told me that the Arctic Char (fish from here) tastes the same. As much as I knew this was not possible I could not go against that marketing pitch 🙂 and in the end happy to have fish here… to be fair it tasted better than it looked (thankfully)🙂


Headed back to the tent that is in little chaos due to bug avoidance


Decided for early night since tomorrow has possibly to be tough day. The rain is coming down so will fall asleep hoping it drowns all the black flies 🙂

Goodnight !

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