Day 11

June 19th 23:50

1000th KM !!!!

Was a milestone day for my little voyage as I crossed the 1000km mark on the 10th biking day. I understand that for a cyclist this is not a big thing but in my context of never having done a bike tour, using a saddle bag, or even doing more than a 200km weekend it felt like a good day.

I woke up with the sound of rain bouncing off my tent at 06:00. I had my breakfast in the tent and checked the forecast. The rain was to let up later in the morning so I took the executive decision that was better to close the eyes for a while and try to start the day dry since the night before the park ranger told me I should expect to see sun in the afternoon.

I woke up for the second time around 09:00 with still the sounds of rain so waited a bit then decided to try to pack things up from inside the tent since with the rain and wet ground everything would get soaked. It was as much of a challenge as the biking but took great pride in managing to roll everything up.


The morning had almost slipped away by the time I took my loaded bike across the road for a coffee before heading off. There was a BMC bike parked so I guessed a swiss rider was near. I was right!! The bike was with racing wheels and packed light so I understood he was one of those serious riders ๐Ÿ™‚ A while later when he blasted past me on a hill my theory became a law ๐Ÿ™‚None the less a nice and friendly guy from the little we spoke.

I set off at 12:00 which is the latest I have ever started but I thought since I planned to split the planned ride I could be OK.

On the road I quickly came across a blue pool that seemed warm. I guess at least the sign would suggest so ๐Ÿ™‚



I climbed a steep slope to find another photo
opportunity…. started thinking if this kept up the noon start would be a disaster. But I decided to make the sacrifice for all of you:)


Back to the bike… and 4km later I saw another stop with many people taking pictures, including the Swiss biker. I decided to skip this one but 200 meters down the road there was a sign KAFLA 7km (unfortunately 7km in the wrong direction). I debated but decided that this was one of the BIG things so be a shame not to take it in so off I went.

It was great and worth the 15km detour….. lava fields… boiling pools… was amazing. How often can you drive and park your bike over lava ๐Ÿ™‚




Back to the plan since the detour with vicious wind and blast of rain cost me well over an hour. By the time I joined the main road it was now 14:00 and I had done 7km of the planned route. A LOT of road in front of me.

What came next was km after km of barren lands… for the next 123km I took 1 stop to “liquidate” there was nothing…


To cold to consider stopping for lunch.. no huts, shelter etc… what it did do was force me to pedal on…. I could not believe the pace I was keeping and hit a personal best for a 100km stretch.


I also hit a new top speed (64km/h) and fastest 1km (1min:4sec)

With the time I kept I arrived at where I planned to stay the night at 19:30 when I thought that 22:00 was very possible when the day began. Since I had not eaten in more than 12 hrs I decided that I would take food and then decide if would push on the remaining 50km and not use the buffer…

The word hot tub was mentioned and no more consideration needed. I banked 133km and left myself an easy ride tomorrow unless decide to push little further ahead.


I also ran into another cyclist tented here and 3 Canadian girls from BC so we all sat and had a drink and compared notes. Was a great day as it turned out.

10 Day total 1045 Km banked


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