Day 12

June 20th 21:45


Woke up to sunny day with no wind. Decided to put my legs in the hot tub since they still were tired from the push of the day before. As I crawled out of tent was nice view from the campground of sky and hills.


Had breakfast with the group from the evening before before we all packed up and headed in alternate directions. 4 Canadians Trump bashing the 1 American, was good fun 🙂

Was planning an uneventful and quiet ride (I am amazed I now consider taking a 55km bike ride as quiet) at least that was the hope. By the time I was packed and ready to go the blue skies were gone and the wind was back. I guess this is the price one pays for not getting up and starting early.

The first 32km were face to the wind. To give an idea of the impact only 7km were at a pace of better than 3min/km vs. 13 of the remaining 22km. (Yesterday’s run 77% of the 130km were 3min or better).


It did not take long to need to make a quick stop to grab a pic. Even in the cold and wind it is always tempting to jump in.

At the half way mark I decided to take a quick break since there was a huge ravine carved out of the landscape with the river running below. Was just hoping my cold hands did not drop the phone while trying to take pictures to be able to give an idea of the height.



After the break was the toughest 3km of the day… Another BIG climb! Thankfully I had turned direction or it would have been a big walk. Once at the top more great views on the snow covered mountains.


The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. Always beautiful landscapes but nothing to pull me off the bike. I arrived EGILSSTAÐIR around 14:30 but decided not to go for a boat ride:)



Headed to campground and went through the routine. Funny how it has become such a standard practice.

Figured I would be a hermit this evening and stay in the tent and relax since tomorrow is forecasted as a VERY tough day and a mountain to be crossed. Walked over to the grocery store for dinner and breakfast supplies and found Goddis paradise!!!! Grabbed some for ride tomorrow.


Had early dinner in tent with potato salad, roast beef and chorizo sandwiches. YUM 🙂


Then of all things a nap 😴….

So hopefully I managed to recharge the engine as much as possible for the days ahead since tough weather is coming.


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