Day 13

June 21st 20:25


Going to bed last night I already was not looking forward to today. The weather forecast was stacked against me with high head winds as rain. A planned 85km track seemed like forever with those conditions.

Already as I closed my eyes I could hear the wind pick up. Is much nicer hearing while you sleep than biking in it. I woke up little later than I wanted (07:20) but I try to let myself take the rest the body is asking for so avoid setting alarm.

I did not hear any rain so I checked the phone and saw that it was due to start during the next hour. I decided to try to accelerate getting packed up so that could at least do this dry. So a quick breakfast in the tent and packed I was.


I went into the camping reception building to “liquidate” and to grab a coffee and then get started. As I prepared & aligned I took a look at the wall and saw..


I stepped up a foot or so 🙂

While asking for my coffee the girl at the desk asked where I was headed today. When I mentioned Djúpivogur she pointed at the map and said” so you’re following the coast?” Oh Oh… the last time this happened I ended up biking in a rock quarry! I showed here my google maps route… “oh you’re biking up THE MOUNTAIN”she said.

@)££??!!;)?),(!!!! I thought to myself..

There are mountains everywhere you look here. The only thing more of is sheep! It is impossible for you to not find yourself on one if bike any distance. So for someone to have a specific mountain in mind could not be good news. The alternative of adding 30km of road against the wind was not something I wanted to try either.

Still the rain had not started so got going thinking to put in as many km as I could dry. The wind was very tough and made it hard to cover ground quickly. There were some nice views and I took few pics but tried to limit stopping.



I was getting close to the point where had to choose between height vs length and the skies were darkening fast. I hopped from the bike and hid from the wind and had FAST lunch since knew would need all energy possible for what was coming. I still was being watched.



I chose height… and height it was… steepest incline on the trip…

you can google how friendly cycling on 17% is if you don’t know 🙂

And then BAM!!! The skies opened and the monsoon began… while I did not stop to take any more pictures, the cars passing were taking them of me. For sure thinking “what a fool” from their toasty cars. The climb was brutal… the decent CRAZY!!

Visibility about 10 meters looking down to road. With or without biking glasses equally bad… constant breaking to point hands sore from squeezing… slightly less than ideal conditions:)

Finally off the mountain and 25km more to do always into wind and no easing up on the rain in sight. I past over a 1 way traffic bridge where the car waited on the other side for me to pass with 2 or 3 more cars taking pics of the fool on the bike giving me their 👍.

I peddled on… my biking shoes felt like fish bowls with the amount of water in them. I finally arrived in the town.


I looks like it could be a really nice spot on a different kinda day.


The camp ground here was very basic with no means of drying things out so I opted for a guest house using my sleeping bag so is very basic but hoping to gave something dried for the morning. I am not sure I will be.



I quickly went next door to restaurant and grabbed burger since needed something fast and warm… it lasted about 32 seconds and was gone.


Now back in room working on the clothes for early start tomorrow.


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