Day 14

June 22nd 23:59

I did not have my best sleep. Maybe pre-occupied with rotating wet clothes on the radiator or maybe life in the tent is just the way to go but it is was well worth it since managed to get everything dried out for morning.


Due to only having the one small radiator in the room I decided to put my biking warm gloves that were soaked though on the radiator in the small lounge outside my room. I am sure it dried them perfectly since someone decided to steal them !! My first real disappointment of the trip. And a HUGE issue for me since there is no bike store between here and Reykjavik.

There was nothing that I could do about it in the village I was in and most of the days weather was to be sun so despite 40km head wind I figured hands would manage.

I had a big breakfast knowing was going to be a tough day with that wind. Returned to room to finish packing and back on the bike for a planned 105km run.

The village was much nicer in the bright skies so grabbed few pics of it and its surroundings before setting off.



It was not much fun. The winds constant and the km’s slow. I had decided I would take 3 stops (after each 25km) to try to keep some pace going for the day.

The first was just a quick 10 min break to stretch a little and have a drink so found add-hoc parking.


The next break was a little more eventful since my shoe had been slipping out of the binding for about the previous 2km. Once stopped I took a look and I had a problem!!


Since I have never done anything like this tour I could not believe that I decided to bring extra clips… so a quick repair and feeling cleaver all was back in order.


The nicest views of the days came during the next stretch. The cliffs walls on both sides of the road became more and more jagged. Warnings all over for rock slides could be seen and thankfully not felt:)




There was a professional biking race here today so I had the pleasure of being left in the dust by a two man cycling team rocketing up a hill past me. They were followed by a 3 vehicle supporting team. I will just say that I was not in their league.

The weather was turning and drops could be felt so I pushed on as hard as possible to avoid another drenching. I made it to Hofn and got the tent up before the big rain arrived.



I spent some hours in the camping kitchen talking with a group from Germany as well as another cyclist from Switzerland so was a nice night.

The latest twist is there is now a weather warning for tomorrow. Already with the way winds blowing I wondering if I wake up in Oz.

Tomorrow brings this:


For those of you to lazy to convert I will help 🙂

72km/hr winds with gusts up to 125km/hr!!!!!

I did not need to understand this is not biking weather since the 40km/hr wind today at times pushed the bike dangerously close to places don’t want to be but for fun I thought I would see what this meant in more tangible terms….


So tomorrow there will need most likely need to be a replan of some sort but deal with it when I wake up and see if I am still in camp ground or Oz 🙂



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