Day 15

June 23 23:59


Woke up dry and still in Iceland so at least so potential disasters averted. The rain and wind were wild all night and only got stronger through the day.

This was the sounds of the morning….

I was in no rush to get out of the tent and into that and luckily enough had enough snacks to keep me happy for some hours. I gave myself the baby wipe shower and noticed that had  a slight injury during my travels. All part of the game!


Finally around 10:00 I decided to head into the kitchen where I met the German family from the night before having breakfast eventually the Swiss guy (Ben) showed up as well. He mentioned that he was heading into town to the tourist information so I decided to tag along since wanted to try to find a pair of gloves to save my hands on the coming days ahead.

The rain had pretty much let up from monsoon levels but the wind was out of control. The first bit of information at the tourist office confirmed what I already knew. I was grounded today.




The the next bit of information received made the skies seem blue… I was lobster festival day!!!! Hofn is the most famous lobster fishery in Iceland and one of my favorite foods so all was becoming aligned.

As part of the celebration four homes in the town were making home made lobster soup and welcoming all. The bike tour had just been replaced by the soup tour 🙂 Before the soup we decided to take an appetizer and a local fish restaurant… yes more lobster!!


Hofn also has views on the massive glaciers and took advantage to head to the coast to take some pictures. The sky and landscapes were amazing.



Then it was time for soup!!! We hooked up two traveling from US and an Australian girl for the tour and off we went. These are some of the moments captured from the soup walk.






At the last soup offering we sat with a man from Iceland who talked to us for a good half hour answering all our questions about volcano eruptions, life on the island etc…. it was great to listen to how things are from a life here perspective that a tent and bike one.

After the soup there was to be a girl band playing outdoors so we went and took a look. It was lots of fun mingling with the locals.


We made another quick stop at an indoor concert which was more posh with an older crowd. The music was all Icelandic so another fun experience.


The day was getting late and with my early start in the morning it was time to call it a day. But from what could have been a wasted day it turned into a very special one so only a thank you to the warm hospitality and kindness received to be said.

Goodnight !!!

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