Day 17

JUNE 25th 23:08


Lesson 1 – Do not pitch tent where people cut through to go to the camping building

Lesson 2 – Do not pitch tent on sideways slope.

Break one of the lessons, don’t sleep well. Break both of the lessons, don’t sleep!

So I woke up tired and stiff but none of that mattered, km’s needed to be peddled. I stuck my head out of the tent to see if my wish of a calm sunny day had been granted, it had not! Weather forecast mostly grey skies with 20 km head wind increasing throughout the day. With that in mind was time to get a move on. Grabbed my laundry which was dry (GREAT NEWS!!), had breakfast and was off.

About 5km into the ride I saw a sign for Fjaðrárgljúfur, a tourist site that people at breakfast where mentioning was to be seen. It was add another 6km to my day but decided should take it in.

The first thing that came into view was lava fields covered in moss farther than eye could see. These fields probably lined 30-40 km of the landscape of my ride during the day.



Then came a carving out of the earth. I parked the bike and walked to the top of the path to take pictures feeling a little less secure after reading the warning.





Back to the bike and planned road. Once I hit the main road the rain was BACK!!!! I could not believe it…. there was no rain in the forecast and instead for 60-70km of my day I got monsooned again. I spent the day cursing as I peddled into the wind and rain. I tried to tell myself this was what I came for but I felt lied too by that weather guy.

The ride, as mentioned, was lined with the same lava fields and thick cloud cover so that there was no views on the landscape at a distance. I took comfort that there was little reason to stop and biked straight through. I spent just under 5 hours on the bike by the time I pulled into Vik.


Soaked, cold and hungry I headed into the gas station for a late lunch and a calorie recharge.


My hands where so cold that I kept refilling (free refills) my coffee cup so I could hold it until it cooled down then dumped it and started over. The rain was still coming down but I needed to sort out my sleeping arrangements. I refused to pay EUR 150 for a bed so camping it would be.

In an attempt to minimize my exposure to the elements I found a cozy spot to raise my tent.


Vik is known for its black sand beach so decided not to let the weather dampen my spirits and headed for the surf. I ran into some kind of German memorial along the way.


Once I arrived to the ocean I could not believe how soft the sand was on the feet. The views were wows in the grey, they must be incredible in the blue.



The rain started coming down harder so I left my mark and headed back to the tent for dinner like a drowned rat.



Banked another 80km but tomorrow’s weather wet again and 90+ to be done so will try to get as much sleep as possible to manage it.

Goodnight !!!


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