Day 18

June 26th 23:07


The rain continued though the night but my tent held so all remained dry and cozy in RDG TENT. By the time I awoke the rain had finally stopped. I checked the weather and the good news was the forecast no longer was calling for rain just moderate head winds and clouds. Although not perfect is MUCH better to deal with wind dry as opposed to wet.

It was a tough day the day before so I took my time sorting things out. I also decided to take a walk up on the cliff to the church to see if “someone else” could have words with Mother Nature on my behalf since she was not responding well to me.


I grabbed a coffee on the way back to the campsite to pack my things. I had left my biking shoes in the camping office in an attempt to dry them out and when I picked them up was happy to put my feet into dry footwear.

By the time I got on my bike it was quite late (11:30) but maybe my morning walk was worth it since the sun started to come out! I hopped on the bike and headed out of town to be met with two 12% climbs right away. The only thing they were good for was picture taking since it was too early in the ride to be in any kind of rhythm.



The weather (wind excluded) was nice. I decided to try to limit myself to 2 short breaks during the ride and no detours to try to take advantage of the weather as much as possible. It was a great theory until this came up.




Biking and hiking detour finished and an extra 1+ hrs consumed back to the task at hand. I managed to ride about 3km before my eye caught this and needed to investigate.


Back on the bike again the weather was slowly slipping away. More and more clouds covered the the sun and the wind chilled my upper body since my shirts were drenched in sweat. Still I was making good time and knocking down the km’s. It was time for the 2nd stop and conveniently there was something worth noting.


Once again I was being watched by the locals while taking the pics. Here apparently is not impolite to stare.


A quick change to dry shirts and an orange and back to the road. After another 30km or so I pulled into Hella after about 5.5 hrs of peddling time and very pleased with an average of 3:19 per km. It was a strong ride given the conditions, also traffic is increasing as I am approaching Reykjavik so the level of concentration is much more intense than the country roads of the north.


I grabbed some breakfast and lunch food for tomorrow at the grocery store and decided for a hot meal (and cold beverage) tonight.


The campsite is not as nice as the others I have been to lately and lacks some atmosphere but what it does not lack is a hot shower!!! Has been some days since so is was VERY appreciated. Other than that very little to see.

While the trip is not over the fact that I am 87km from Reykjavik gives me a sense of accomplishment.


The technical issue is the fact that I am not taking that road 🙂 Instead my road has about another 300km left on it without additional detours.🙂

So for now another 100km banked and 1600km  saved on the trip so far.

Time to retire to RDG TENT and see what tomorrow has to offer.


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