Day 19

June 27th 21:42


Well forget Devine intervention helping me out with Mother Nature. Unfortunately she was up to her tricks again last night. I checked the forecast and 0 rain was forecast so decided to leave out my damp riding clothes to dry since the campsite had no way to dry them out.

I was sleeping quite well until I was awoken by the sounds of pouring rain!!! It was pointless going out to gather the clothes at that point as the damage was done. When I woke up in the morning it was still raining. I crawled out of the tent to access the damage.




I headed to the eating area to have breakfast and ponder how to get out of this mess. I also had company to pump up my spirits.



I did my best to semi dry a shirt to bike with and deferred the rest of the problem until later. The show needed to go on and I tried to look on the positive side…. I had been wet before 🙂

It took me till 12:00 before got things sorted, packed and ready to head out given the complications. The good news was the weather was clearing up and sun was visible and wind minimal. It was a day to RIDE!!

The plan was a 80km ride with a midway stop. After letting my legs wake up and hit their stride the pace was incredible. Just the rhythm and sound of the wheels running over the pavement let me know my legs came to play. I had to force myself off the bike after 45km but decided was best to not risk a turn in weather and not be able to have a quick snack.

With my laundry crisis I decided to hide in a ditch to avoid any wind and cool down.


Back on the bike the pace was still great. I have for weeks noticed incredibly beautiful horses but always never wanted to break the ride and take the pic… today I had too…


One other quick photo obligation on the way was encountered.



The first destination of the day was complete. 80km in 3hr 40min. Average pace 2:45 per km. Unfortunately Endomondo had a meltdown and split the ride.



I arrived at the campsite and demolished lunch/dinner (is really hard to name when I manage to eat these weeks).


3min later….


Was also a really cool place….


Then I set up the tent, stripped down the bike to how she is meant to ride and headed for the next site seeing event of the day.


I forgot how light the bike used to be as pedaled towards the falls… it seemed effortless as compared to loaded with 25kg.

And then WOW WOW WOW…..





What makes it so much more incredible and powerful is there is no neon signs, gimmicks, etc… just pure raw nature. Let’s hope they manage to keep it this way.

Was time to head back to the camping. Another breeze of a ride feeling very content. I dismounted, walked into the saloon and ordered a cold one.


So what did you do today?🙂

Well the beer is finished so will clean up and head to the tent closing what turned out to be a great day. All told another 95km in the biking bank with fewer and fewer left on the road ahead.



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