Day 20

June 28th 22:46


I did not have one of my better sleeps and woke up earlier than needed since the restaurant was serving breakfast at 9:00. I did not feel any sense of urgency since I figured it was a distance that was manageable regardless of the conditions (within reasonable limits).

Some of the people in the camping really are up, packed and gone early in the mornings, I have not been one of those people 🙂

At 9:00 I was seated ordering espresso and breakfast. It was not the typical Icelandic breakfast I was expecting but it worked out anyway.


I headed to my tent to start packing up when once again a rogue rainfall was upon me. I pulled everything in the tent pack up from inside and by the time everything was ready the rain was still coming down. I decided to wait it out since the skies were getting brighter and starting the day dry would be nice.


Within 20 minutes it had let up so loaded the bike up and off I went. The weather called for light to moderate headwinds (as if there is  any   other direction) and it seemed this thing was between myself and where I wanted to end up.


So I knew at some point I was going to get wet and was going to push against the wind. All good! I actually was convinced that it would be inappropriate to have anything less given the trip is winding down.

I started off and soon came upon the small town of Geysir. There were masses of people and buses there so hopped of the bike to check it out.



An interesting fact that came my way is the most frequent injury in Iceland is people touching/sticking there fingers in steaming pockets in the ground and burning themselves.


You would think was hard to believe until you saw a woman touch something and pull her hand back saying “ouch it’s HOT!!” Then proceeds to stick her hand back in same direction.

I took advantage of the restaurant to “liquidate” and came across another interesting set of instructions.


Back to the road. I decided that I was not going to push it today. Peddle away and take things as they come. Rain came in and out most of the day and also the sun had its moments. Nothing extreme enough to slow progress.

Near the half way point I came across a grocery store so decided to grab fruit for lunch and pick up groceries for dinner and breakfast since tonight’s camping is in the national park and looked remote.

As I eating my orange in came a bike of young American riders. There bikes loaded like a massive motorhomes. I saw them looking at my bike and guess they were wondering how anyone could survive without bringing the widescreen tv🙂


They came in and ordered a mountain of burgers and hotdogs for lunch. I really was laughing inside wondering if the indigestion or the bike load would end there day 5km from here:)

What I have been told by the wardens and guides here is that the majority of people coning to bike in Iceland do what is known as the golden circle or the bottom stretch of the Island. Here the road runs for the most part at a distance from the mountains so is quite flat. There can be steep hills but there are generally no mountains to cross.

It is easily understood since in the first 2 weeks I only saw about two riders and now is even common to see small groups biking.

I got back on my bike and road on until I reached Þingvellir National Park. From what I understand is a huge mass of protected land that surrounds a large lake.


I biked around about half of the lake and took some pictures along the way.




Tomorrow I will be riding around the other side, where there is supposed to be some interesting things, on the way out of the area.

I arrived at the camping and as expected remote so was good idea to bring dinner. There is a small canteen type restaurant but was happy to have my shrimp salad 🙂


I will pass though Reykjavik tomorrow on my way to my appointment at the blue lagoon so it should be an interesting day.

Back in my tent light rain is falling and is time to slide into the sleeping bag.A casual 68km banked  today with few more on table tomorrow.



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