Day 21

June 29th 23:59

Eyes opened around 7:00 and my first thought was today is the first ride across the finish line. Maybe it was the anticipation but was not hungry for much of a breakfast so forced down a couple biscuits and juice.

Was going to be a challenging day since there was a lot of road that needed to be covered, there was the stop at the National Park that I wanted to make, and then the part I was looking forward too the least, navigating in and out of Reykjavik to get to my days target.

So no late start today. I had all ready and packed for 9:00 when the shop opened to have my espresso, check the weather (light head winds, cloudy & no rain) and go.


I arrived to the area of the park where the tectonic plates are colliding. The wall that it is creating is so massive it is hard to take a picture that shows a true perspective. (I tried)


I was wandering looking around and got in a war of words with a local… he was hiding behind a “do not cross” rope and calling me a “Quack” repeatedly… everyone thinks there tough when protected by wardens!!!


After losing the war of words I continued on taking a ton of pictures…. here are but a few…




I had to get back on the bike since today there was a schedule to keep. I did about 10km and had to grab one more panorama.


Still 35km from Reykjavik and my friend the monsoon was back to pay me a visit. It is days now that rain has showed up that was not on the forecast and today’s was the hardest. Soaked through, with the skies clearing I decided to grab something to eat at the gas station 10km outside Reykjavik and change to a dry shirt hoping the rain stayed away (it did).

As I walked in I noticed two young riders were inside staring out the window with dismay. I talked with them for a few minutes answering some questions since they told me it was there first day. One asked the other what they were going to do about today …. I refrained from telling them that if they were going to hide from rain they best not leave the capital since it would be a lifetime before they ever got back … instead I wished them happy trails 🙂

Now my hell began. Driving into (and then out) of Reykjavik. I am sure is no worse than driving on a free way into any other capital city, but I am also sure it is no better! High speed traffic, transports, trailers, wagons, caravans, cars, dump trucks etc etc buzzing around you… The biggest issue is the ramps entering and leaving the highway and having to cross through them trying to look over your shoulder finding gaps… no fun!

Since I am writing this I guess I managed too survive it🙂 My advice to anyone making this trip is to get a ride 30km out of the city and start from there. If was to do it again, how to manage navigating around the city, would be the only thing that I would change of my trip.

Still having 40km ahead I peddled on. The weather was holding up and managed to keep a good pace. And the I was here!!!!


Since I was a little early for my booking I wandered around and took some pictures. The policy is that if it not overcrowded they can let you in 30min before your time and once your in then you may stay as long as you want.



I took a few pictures once inside the area since I did not want to bother with my phone/camera but instead just enjoy the experience.



No Baywatch speedo lifeguards here !!!


It was wonderful!!!! The temperatures vary  over the lagoon from warm to hot… I went over and got a mud facial treatment that was fun. It comes included in the entry and is the same stuff they selling in the gift shop for Euro 100 per 100ml. Now that I look 80 years younger nobody will recognize me 🙂

Then to the bar for a beer to wander around with and soak it all up. In the end I was in the lagoon for 135min as evidenced by my corpse like hands:)


For all the damage it did to my hands it did wonders for all of the others aches and pains I felt from head to toe.

It took every ounce of energy I had to get on the bike a head to the campsite. It was just a 20 min ride but unfortunately I did not have the time to sort it out before. I raised my tent one more time for my last night in RDG TENT. It has served me well and stood up against what Iceland threw at it 🙂


Tomorrow is my last day on the bike… not much of a ride, just the mess of dealing with the city traffic one last time. I plan for an early start since I want to have a full day to look around Reykjavik.

After all the running around and mess I  banked my last real investment of 115km.



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