The Idea

Several months ago I realised my calendar was void of that little mark or X that we pencil in so to make our daily routine seem a little more bearable. Vacation 2017 needed to be something different… a break from the norm… a break from overcrowded beaches and  hotels… a break from the generic holiday destination where you have the same 101 stores and familiarities…. Sorry Starbucks….

I needed a change of pace…. something more primitive…. more physical…. more challenging….

Iceland has always been on my destination bucket list. Being originally from Canada I had always thought I would take care of it as a stop over on the way back visiting family but it still has never happened. So the destination seemed to meet my requirements but:

How to make it more physical? You bring your bike….

How to make it more challenging?? You map out a 2150km bike route with just you an your tent…

Welcome to Biking Iceland 2017