The Preparation

I have always been an active person and have played elite sport but never have undertaken anything similar as far as a bike touring or trekking so thought it wise to prepare myself physically for the trip. I put together an ambitious 3 month training plan and even gave it a catchy name… “STRONGER, LIGHTER, FASTER”…..

Unfortunately that was about as far as that got……

Since I usually do my cardio workouts in the gym I thought that I would need to start putting in some serious KM’s on the bike. Having had my last bike stolen I decided to add a little extra security when I put my new bike away for the winter. Unfortunately the thieves decided to throw my training plan into chaos as you can see in the picture below by tunnelling though the door and taking another bike.


Setback number two came in the form of a serious bout with bronchitis.  Coughing uncontrollably for almost 6 weeks drastically reduced the ability to train as hoped for. Back healthy for about the last month and with new bike in hand I have put in as much bike and gym time as possible. The rest of the training will now have to happen on the road since am days away from Day 1.